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We specialize in the construction of communications tower sites for Wisps, Cellular Telecom providers, and private industry. We are technically capable in LTE, 5G, Fiber Optics, and Hi-Capacity Microwave systems.

New Construction

  • Turn-key tower construction services
  • New tower installation and existing tower modifications
  • Tower Reinforcing and LED Lighting Systems
  • Equipment Installation and Commissioning
  • Civil Work
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Fibre Optics Cable Installation and Testing

Our experience over the years has been rich in private network installations as well, such as Point-to-point (PTP) wireless, cellular repeaters, cell phone boosters, 5G boosters, in-building mobile boosters, and wireless LAN installations.

Maintenance & Upgrades

  • Tower and Site Maintenance
  • Equipment Upgrades
  • Emergency Maintenance
  • Microwave Link Alignment and Configuration
  • Tower Lighting Systems (Re-Lamping / LED Upgrades / Day-Night Strobes)

End-User Commercial

  • In-Building Mobile Cellular Coverage
  • Network Wiring - Fibre Optics, Structured Cabling (CAT5, CAT6)
  • Wireless Networks - LAN, P2P Links

Our in-building CEL-Fi cellular solutions, which is approved by your wireless carrier, can bring the power of 5G networks inside.

Aligned Telecom Solutions is a certified installer of CEL-Fi wireless systems.

Indoor wireless coverage can be a challenge despite having great coverage outside. We've all encountered the annoyance of dropped calls or poor reception indoors. When this becomes a hindrance to your business and wireless technology investment, a solution is needed.

We also provide cost-effective cellular enhancement solutions for residential, vehicles, cottages, and remote wilderness lodges. Having a strong and dependable cellular signal throughout your facility can benefit people and operations in numerous ways. It helps in keeping employees, customers, and visitors connected to their families and able to take care of business. Additionally, it makes it easy and convenient for customers to access coupons, menus, apps, and other information to enhance their experience or assist a service provider.

Having a strong indoor wireless signal also improves security by enabling everyone to reach emergency services if required, while significantly lowering the risk of a data breach via Wi-Fi.

Additional Services

  • Site Surveys
  • Building and Site Construction Preparation
  • Construction Document Review
  • Materials Assessment, Assembly and Collection
  • Close-out Documentation and Site Photography
  • Comprehensive Testing
  • Site acquisition and permitting
  • Project Management

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